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Press Release

Tal R

VIP Dates: September 23 - 25

Public Dates: September 25 - 26

Art Basel | OVR:2020 Online Viewing Rooms

September 23 –
26, 2020

On the occasion of Art Basel OVR:2020, Anton Kern Gallery is pleased to present new paintings and figurative bronze sculptures by Tal R.


Tal R is best known for his paintings and their exceptional display of energy and imagination in a colorful and exuberant universe. For the first time, he has also thrown himself into classical bronze sculpture.


Viewers can now experience the artist’s motifs transformed into three dimensions—a striking parade of figures in patinated bronze. His sculptures are lush in materiality, tactile with thick and rich surfaces. The creatures and figures are familiar, somehow, but in circumstances that call on the viewer to stay, marvel, and wonder.


Alongside the sculptures, Tal R’s paintings unfold to the viewer using a simple compositional device to create his complex, atmospheric worlds. Objects tilted and flattened towards the picture plane—pushing them right into our field of vision, turning them into protagonists of some mysterious play—create a subtle invite: take it or leave it. Once you accept, you’ll find objects of ardent interest; dimly lit in dark and solemn, yet luminous, interiors, redolent of the smell of paint, varnish, and incense.

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