Painting titled "Chimera" at Julie Curtiss, 2020.Painting titled "Tumbao de Omambo" by Aliza NIsenbaum, 2020.Painting titled "Silver Lining" by Ellen Gronemeyer, 2020.Painting titled "Case Azul" by Lothar Hempel, 2020.Sculpture titled "Ohne TItel" by John Bock, 2020.Painting titled "Tears of No Return" by Bendix Harms, 2020.Sculpture titled "Deafman's Villa" by Matthew Monahan, 2020.Painting titled "Untitled" by Wilhelm Sasnal, 2019. Painting titled "Me and Him" by Alessandro Pessoli, 2020. Painting titled "Untitled" by Nathalie Du Pasquier, 2020. Painting titled "Double Lotus" by Lara Schnitger, 2020. Drawing titled "Untitled (Sils Maria)" by Marcel Odenbach, 2020.