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2015 akg ellenberkenblit 2 1400 0x0x3000x2000 q852015 akg ellenberkenblit 3 1400 0x0x3000x2000 q85


Ak11180 ber time 1400 78x626x2746x1833 q85Ak11462 ber truebluemirror 1400 228x450x2609x1742 q85Ak11438 ber pinkandgreenlightningvswitches 1400 78x528x2830x1884 q85Ak9930 ber colorforms 1400 32x337x2348x1566 q85

Press Release

New Paintings
May 28 –
July 2, 2015

Berkenblit's practice hovers between representation and abstraction, often presenting the female figure experiencing a realm of imaginative explosion and escape. Through her unpredictable application of paint, she presents private and flirtatious worlds, where girls can be ladies and ladies can be women—or somewhere in between. Her subjects capture a playful and sinister balance of eroticism and comedy—and as Carroll Dunham puts it, "now seem dangerous and slightly unhinged, hell-bent on finding action, or generating it."

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