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Press Release

It's Always Summer on the Inside

organized by Dan McCarthy

July 10 –
August 24, 2012

The exhibition’s title is taken from an advertisement for surfing wetsuits from the 1970s. Using an Oneil wetsuit promised that once inside your new second skin, Summer was awaiting.


The title itself is comprised of two somewhat contradictory parts: It’s Always Summer and On the Inside, which is unusual in that Summer typically conjures images of the Outside. This conceptual bridge between the two distinct parts of the exhibition’s title functions like a Zen Koan and forms the crux of the exhibition.


Which begs the question: what or where is The Inside?


The artists included in the exhibition tend to work in an intuitive, direct and personal manner. Their subject and method indicate an investment in meaning rather than creating artworks that mirror or approximate social gestures. The cultivation of a personal interior space or Inside allows room for psychic and emotional development, a place to organize memories, emotions and wishes into coherent forms: paintings, drawings and sculptures.


Through the creation of a personal proposal, expression thus becomes a type of truth seeking. This position requires a conviction of personal freedom and confidence; exploring possibilities through hand painted signs and personally invested images. The paintings and drawings included in this exhibition are chosen for their canny ability to project a version of not simply Summer but Summer on the Inside.

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