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Press Release

July 12 –
August 25, 2001

Please call to confirm location!


Anton Kern is opening the new space in Chelsea with John Bock on May 30th John Bock will perform an ‘Action’ at 7 p.m.


Even though it has only been two years that he “expanded” the gallery space with his first appearance in the United States, John Bock is back with a vengeance. He will open the new space in Chelsea on May 30 with one of his famous lectures, which often involve fantastic environments as stages and self-sewn and knitted costumes. As a reference also to Joseph Beuys, they are often seen as ‘social sculpture’.


John Bock participated in the Venice Biennial in 1999, had a show in Basel at the Kunsthalle and was also invited last summer to do a series of lectures for the “Projects” at MoMA, unfortunately during the strike.


There you could have seen him conducting a ‘Fashion Show’, being trapped in a box, living in a wooden structure in the museum’s garden, all within a series of four performances, crashing the boundaries of the institution.


With his lectures he tries to communicate with the audience in a significant manner. It is his desire to create an unmediated experience with the goal to make us ‘see’.


What he will be doing this time you will have to see yourself to find out…

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