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Press Release

Above the point of the glowing silence
October 25 –
December 14, 2013

Anton Kern Gallery is pleased to announce an adaptation of John Bock’s Above the point of the glowing silence (2013), originally performed last June in the Giardino delle Vergini for Il Palazzo Enciclopedico, the 55th Venice Biennale.


The installation includes a vitrine displaying sculptural objects that the actress, Lisa Müller-Trede, interacted with throughout the Venice performance as well as a large stuffed maggot, representing the live maggot that was exhibited wriggling inside of Bock’s “Maggot House” structure. Bock also presents a small model of the full-sized “Maggot House”, which was created for the Venice Biennale, and an oversized model of the featured maggot. The projected film portrays documentation from the live performance, capturing Müller-Trede as she transforms tales into equations and activates everyday objects through dream-like explanations.

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