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Press Release

May 17 –
June 30, 2012

p e z z i



Finally, we have (again) become mush in which every gesture and glaring manifestation is only a bubbling mumble, an overcooked pea. Everything special becomes flat and sticky, part of the big mushy soup – which will not only be eaten up – served with a ladle, and you can be happy if it tastes well and contains a few "chunks.” In this sense, the works are pieces – with different toppings – that are offered as sticky baking-mixture pizza-pezzi. And of course, this 'matter' also serves a good cause: 20% of the revenue benefits the ‘Bbreiland-kooperative’ which was founded on 05/15/12 (and which appears here as the courtesy organizer). Bbreiland'koop supports leisure facilities in Spain and southern Sweden, organizes street parties and helps young painters in the procurement of work material (canvas, linseed oil, chalk, etc.).


thanks & all the best wishes

M. Bernie’s

Chairman & deputy artistic direction

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