Installation Views

This is an installation view of the exhibition titled “psychoarchitecture” featuring works by Martin Kippenberger and Richard Prince in 1998 at Anton Kern Gallery.

Press Release


Martin Kippenberger, Richard Prince
October 29 –
November 28, 1998

Opening Thursday, November 5, Anton Kern Gallery will present a selection of photographs by Martin Kippenberger and Richard Prince. The exhibition is curated by Neville Wakefield. 


psychoarchitecture juxtaposes two strands of photographic essay originating in Martin Kippenberger's Psychobuildings and Richard Prince's Adult Comedy Action Drama. 


Taking a look at deviant modernism - where better living by design has either become detached from its original ethos or simply gone wrong - psychoarchitecture is a portrait of the devolution of the originating impulse and its trickle-down into backyard vernacular. The images document architectural situations born of the death of architect. Tragi-comedy rules and the utopian dream slowly unravels from the drawing board outward into the hands of local and private contractors, do-it-yourselfers, tree and plastic surgeons alike. Here handicap, defect and truth to bad materials and the fucked-up nature of things become their own heroic form of counter-purity.

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