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Press Release

February 20 –
March 22, 2003

Anton Kern Gallery is pleased to present the fourth solo show of British photographer Saul Fletcher in New York. For this exhibition, Fletcher will present three unique series of Polaroids along with C-prints. Themes shift from melancholic vistas of black and white English landscapes (# 142 A-F) to the congested scruffiness of the artist’s studio (141 A-H) to more theatrical assemblages of ephemera from previous works (143 A-G).


Operating as diagrams of thought, Saul Fletcher’s pictures teeter between the banal, mundane environments of previous work, to the gravity of his current staged tableaux. The new work appears haphazardly constructed yet each frame is meticulously arranged. They are not only photographs; they are abstract distillations of experiences. Fletcher’s work triggers a fading sense of memory making it difficult to grasp the truth.

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