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Press Release

Art Basel 2018
June 14 –
17, 2018

This year at Booth L10 we will be presenting new paintings by gallery artists, including Ellen Berkenblit’s profile of a high-heeled foot; a timely allegorical painting by Nicole Eisenman; a double portrait by Brian Calvin; a gently abstracted image of youthful contemplation by Wilhelm Sasnal; and a gun-slinging cat by Bendix HarmsChris Martin offers a Saturn painting with Catskills tree bark; Alessandro Pessoli chases a giant brown whale; and Jonas Wood pays homage to Magdalena Suarez-Frimkess and Michael Frimkess' pottery.


We will also proudly feature works by Ellen GronemeyerAliza Nisenbaum, and Robert Janitz, who represent the latest additions to our gallery's roster. 


Anne Collier’s Tear (Comic) #5, drawn from imagery sourced in vintage romance comic books, is accompanied by beguiling still life photographs by Sarah Jones, and a collage by Marcel Odenbach that mines the history of film, referencing Paul Sharits' "Scheinbare Bewegung."


Francis Upritchard's figurative bronze sculpture, which debuted at the 2017 Venice Biennale, is complemented by Shio Kusaka and Dan McCarthy ceramics.


Physically evocative wall reliefs by Matthew Monahan and “Slut-sticks” from Lara Schnitger’s performative Suffragette City are in dialogue with an assemblage by John Bock


Rounding out the presentation is Jim Lambie’s ‘Nirvana’ ladder, its reflective surfaces creating an intriguing dance with the familiar.

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