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Press Release

FIAC 2018

October 17 –
21, 2018

This year at FIAC, Anton Kern Gallery will feature a solo presentation of sculpture by New York artist Nicole Eisenman. A grouping of four bronze figures with gleaming, seductive surfaces occupies a platform in the center of the space. Nude and slouching in varying states of repose and tranquility, they are surrounded by nature. Plantlife fills the surface of the table, created from found objects and sculptural elements, cast in bronze and plaster. The resulting scene, complete with a purple bucket hat made of paper pulp and several cans of beer, is characteristic of the artist’s uniquely contemporary take on a classical theme. Also on display are two new aluminum sculptures: "Guy With Stuff On Toast" and "New Face: Monument 1." Along with a selection of drawings and small aluminum reliefs, the works grant visitors to the fair a broad view of the artist’s current sculpture practice.

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